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The office of the Portage County Prosecuting Attorney represents the interests of the citizens of the State of Ohio, the residents of Portage County, and Portage County Government in many aspects of civil and criminal law. The Prosecutor’s Office operates with four divisions: a Criminal Division, a Civil Division, an Appellate Division, and a Victim/Witness Assistance Division..

The Portage County Prosecutors Office
241 S. Chestnut St., Ravenna OH 44266
Dedicated November, 2008

The Criminal Division represents the citizens of the State of Ohio and Portage County in prosecuting criminal cases in our County’s three Municipal Courts, two Common Pleas Courts and the Juvenile Court. The Portage County Prosecutor is responsible for over 30,000 criminal and traffic cases filed each year in these Courts. This Division also renders legal advice and assistance to our County’s seventeen different Police agencies. A Domestic Violence Unit, funded with Federal Grant dollars consists of an assistant prosecutor dedicated to domestic violence cases and an outreach advocate dedicated to assisting victims of domestic violence. A Special Victims Unit consisting of an assistant prosecutor and an investigator prosecutes crimes against children, the elderly, and the disabled. A criminal Child Support Enforcement unit locates and criminally prosecutes “deadbeat” parents with large child support arrearages. This unit is staffed by two investigators and fully funded by federal Title IV-D funds. The criminal division is staffed by a total of eleven Assistant Prosecutors, five investigators, and clerical support staff.

The Civil Division provides legal representation to all eighteen of our County elected officials and their respective offices. It also provides legal representation to all County Boards and Commissions, the County’s eighteen Townships, their Trustees, Clerks, and Zoning Boards. This Division represents all of these entities in matters of litigation in State and Federal Courts, contracts, personnel matters, and collection of real estate and personal property taxes owed to the County. It represents the Department of Job and Family Services in matters of abused, neglected, and dependent children, and renders general legal advice to all of the County and Township officials. This Division is staffed by seven Assistant Prosecutors, two paralegals, and clerical support staff.

The Appellate Division provides legal representation in all legal matters of the Criminal and Civil Divisions involving appeals from local court decisions to State and Federal Appellate Courts. This division is staffed by two Assistant Prosecutors.

The Victim/Witness Assistance Division provides assistance and information to victims of crime and witnesses in criminal cases, together with referrals to other quality support services offered in Portage County. Advocates are available twenty-four hours a day to assist victims of crimes such as domestic violence, stalking, assault, sexual abuse, child abuse, drunk driving, etc. and to assist the families of homicide victims. These services are available to all residents of Portage County, or anyone who becomes the victim of a violent crime in Portage County. This division’s trained advocates are available to lend immediate support to victims of violent crime, to accompany them to court appearances, provide information and guidance concerning the criminal justice system, make referrals to appropriate social service agencies and counselors, provide information concerning payment of medical bills from State funds, and to notify victims and witnesses concerning important hearing dates and the status or outcome of criminal cases in which they are involved. This division is staffed by three Victim Advocates along with a clerical assistant. This division is funded almost entirely by state and federal grant money.

Internships are available to university students for course credit in all divisions of the office.



·         The Criminal Division was responsible for over 6,000 misdemeanor criminal cases, including 1,318 drunk driving cases and 543 domestic violence cases.

·         The Criminal Division received 1,384 felony reports from the 17 police agencies operating in Portage County, including 21 felony drunk driving cases, 77 felonious assault cases, 89 felony domestic violence cases, 206 felony child abuse cases, 550 felony drug cases, 65 felony burglary cases, 174 felony theft cases, 29 robbery cases, 99 receiving stolen property cases, and 50 felony child non-support cases. The 2012 criminal case load increased nearly 9% over 2011 which was itself a record setting year.

·         915 new felony cases were filed in the Portage County Common Pleas Court in 2013, each representing one individual who was charged with one or more felony level crimes. For the first time in Portage County's history, the number of persons indicted in one year exceeded 900. 

·         The Civil Division opened 210 new case files and 60 administrative files in 2013.  335 county contracts were prepared and/or reviewed by this Division.  In its representation of the county's Department of Job and Family Services, the Civil Division had 473 active files in 2013.

·         The Appellate Division handled 55 new cases in the 11th District Court of Appeals in 2013 and 9 cases in the Supreme Court of Ohio.  92 percent of the Appellate cases arose from criminal matters.

·         The Victim/Witness Assistance Division rendered assistance to a total of 2,184 victims of crime in 2013: 1,251in the Municipal and Common Pleas Courts, and 933 in the Juvenile Court.

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