Board of Commissioner Employees accessing the attached electronic copy of the Personnel Policy Manual agree to receive the manual in electronic form and understand they have the ability to print and store the electronic document, as well as request a hardcopy from Portage County Human Resources.


Employees also agree to print, read, and return a signed copy of the Acknowledgement of Receipt form to Human Resources, which states:


I have received my copy of the Portage County Commissionersí Personnel Policy Manual revision 05/04/2012, which outlines my rights and responsibilities as a Portage County employee. I will read and familiarize myself with the information contained in this manual.


I fully understand that it constitutes the personnel policies of the Portage County Commissioners. I also understand that this manual does not constitute a contract of employment.


The Board of Commissioners reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any of the policies contained herein. If that occurs, I understand I will receive notice of any changes and I have access to an electronic or hardcopy of the changes.


I understand that if there is a conflict between the provisions expressed in this manual and any applicable collective bargaining agreement or any state or federal law, then the applicable collective bargaining agreement, state or federal law prevails. If any provisions of this manual are not addressed in an applicable collective bargaining agreement, then the manual prevails.


To request a hardcopy of the Board of Commissionersí Personnel Policy Manual and Acknowledgement of Receipt form, please contact Portage County Human Resources at 330-298-4544.






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